Sprint iPhone 4S And 4 Showing On Sprint Site

Sprint is showing the iPhone 4S on the home page of its site this morning and that is a surprise as no one was able to confirm anything from Apple or Sprint regarding when they were going to be able to start selling the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 4. Based on the home page, Sprint will be participating in the pre-order sales beginning tomorrow morning for the iPhone 4S. As with everyone else, we can expect that there is a limited number of phones available for the pre-order. The one thing that will gauge how well Sprint is going to do will be how soon they sell out of the pre-order phones. That will provide some sort of an idea as to just how popular the Sprint iPhone 4S is going to be for them.

The other news that is even better is that you can order the Sprint iPhone 4 right now, which is the current model from Apple until the iPhone 4S is launched. This is online only and there is going to be a limited number of these as well, but given the pre-order for the iPhone 4S starting tomorrow, there will be more of the older model available for purchase. Sprint is now officially an Apple iPhone retailer and you can expect to see the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in their stores beginning on October 14th.

This is wonderful news for Sprint and they are now competing with AT&T and Verizon for the iPhone sales. It is interesting that the Apple web site is still showing the iPhone 4 as coming to Sprint. That is no longer true and Apple will need to update their order screens to now include Sprint in the list. More than likely, their order system is not ready to handle Sprint as an option to purchase from and until they do, it will continue to show the iPhone 4 coming to Sprint. This should be fixed by tomorrow when they open things up early in the morning for everyone to begin purchasing the iPhone 4S.

This has been a long time coming to Sprint and will satisfy their loyal customers who have remained with Sprint in order to take advantage of their unlimited plans. The unlimited plan from Sprint will cost $109 per month which includes unlimited data, unlimited voice and unlimited text messages at that price. The price also includes a $10 charge for Premium phones as defined by Sprint a few months back. With the unlimited plans and the iPhone, Sprint is sure to grow their customers now that Apple has agreed to let them sell the iPhone. 0

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