How I revolutionised Deans training and Nutrition

Deans progress sheet – the right hand column is the total cm lost.

I thought I would do a follow up on some of the items I have posted on my blog and Face Book recently.

Here’s the pictures of a young lad that I have been working with for around 6 weeks now, there was a 4 weeks between the two photo’s and I am sure you will agree the results are very impressive. I thought I would take you through and explain my work with him so far, and what his personal goals are.

To begin with I sat down and really scrutinised his goals as I do with all my clients. Every client has very different reasons for employing me as their Personal Trainer and their goals will decide how design their nutritional and exercise program. Dean said, “I want to bulk up, and I want to cut-up”; basically he wanted a six-pack! Which is very common amongst young males today. Unfortunately these goals conflict as it is very difficult to gain lean muscle at the same time as cutting up or toning up. Increasing muscle involves maintaining a food intake high enough to fuel the body during the workout and also the to repair the muscles after you have worked them. To ‘cut-up’ you need to have a calorie deficit where you are consuming less calories than you are using, so you can see straight away, you have a conflict.

After scrutinising his desires we decided that he basically wanted a six-pack for his summer holiday in August. So the initial phase of his plan was geared to getting a six-pack, the first thing to so here is to look at his diet, as a six pack is achieved in the kitchen not in the gym!!! We began with a 7 day food diary – in which he had to keep record of everything that passed his lips, including amount and types of food plus the times he ate. He also logged exactly how much water he was drank, without a precise log I cannot fully assess his dietary requirements. Once I had analysed his diary I could see that he had a good understanding of the types of foods that are needed, although he had fallen into the trap of ‘overdosing’ on Protein, as many people do, thinking that that is what will build the muscle. (I will cover this is more depth in the future- although if you have any burning questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.)

I immediately reduced his protein intake by 2/3rds daily – from 260gramms to 70gramms, which is still possibly a little on the high side for his stature, but we wanted to minimise the amount of lean muscle that he used during the first cutting up phase. I expected him to lose a little, but this is inevitable.

We boosted his Carb intake probably 3 fold, as he was really restricting these in his daily intake. This was imperative as Carbs are the only fuel that the brain can use, but you also need them to provide fuel for workouts intense enough to achieve his aims and help with repair after any training. With emphasised the consumption of complex carbs and reduced the intake of simple carbs, we slowed the distribution of the simple carbs into the body using a combination of foods with each meal, so there was sufficient protein, carb and fats in every meal. This may sound complicated, but really it’s fairly simple to achieve, check out my w8-wise nutritional videos or drop me a line for more information.

Once we had a better nutritional foundation I assessed his training program, of which there was a lot! He was training too much and not at the right intensity for what he what he wanted to achieve. The first thing was to cut out the Body building type isolation exercises. I introduced large complex movements that naturally boost testosterone, the muscle building hormone within the body. I also reduced the number of sessions from 6 a week to 3 vigorous sessions and one more moderate session at the weekend (which was either a jog, swim or cycle, just to keep him ticking over).

This proved to be completely alien to him, as he believed that quantity was everything with training. I am teaching him that quality far outweighs quantity. Sessions in the gym need not be hours in duration.

I split the program into a PUSH/PULL/PUSH split, over 3 days with a day of rest in-between. The rest days are essential to not only allow muscles to rest and repair, but the central nervous system which is also heavily taxed. That is basically it for now… keep checking in and follow my tweets to keep up to date with all things SWPP.

Update – 22 June 2011

This morning we took Deans measurements and there are a few lessons to learn from them.

The picture speaks for itself, but the measurements may need some explaining. The general population solely use scales as a measure of how well a weight loss and fitness program is working. In four weeks, we have radically changed Deans body composition, yet his weight has stayed the same. Weight loss is a bit of a false term and what we should really say is FAT LOSS. Despite his weight remaining the same Dean has lost cm’s from every point we measured around the body, apart from his thighs (which increased and which Dean admits he never trained before working with me) and his chest.

Other changes, just a few I can think of without going to deep into sports science…

Deans training duration has increased – He is training for less time!!! Deans training intensity and quality has increased – He completes more work in less time!!! His calorie consumption has increased and is more consistent His rest has increased His strength, speed, endurance, balance, power, coordination and skill is increasing EVERYDAY! Deans training variety has increased. He never does the exact same workout FULL STOP

Here’s what Dean had to say:

My trainer is different because… he takes time to find out your aims and uses his own time to work out programs. He is always there to help you along the way. He joins in and shows you exactly what to do and how to do it. His mind is set to help people. I have seen trainers at gyms around Taunton but none have even come close to Craig. His website shows you just how much effort Craig puts into his work. Craig talks the truth and you can tell he knows what to do with his fitness and strength.

His sessions are different because… they make you ache and sweat. Craig’s sessions may seem like there is not much to do but when you get started you soon find out how effective it is. Each session is specific to you, you get tones of information and great work outs and also a nice person to talk to. Craig push’s you to get the most out of your workout. After every sessions I have a smile and enjoy it, every week I cant wait for my next session with Craig. Dean, Cotford


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