Course on vocal technique applied to the media

The University of Seville offers a course for audiovisual media professionals which will deepen in the care of the voice.

The Lifelong Learning Centre of the University of Seville offers, among its courses of University Extension, the training module “The Voice Applied to Audiovisual Media “. The course is organized by the Department of Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Literature at the School of Communication.

Aims and course content in audiovisual media voice

Led by Professor Antonio Czech Godoy, the training set out the care required by the voice of the professionals who work in the media. To do this, the organizers have planned to achieve three objectives: First, the voice training specifically preparing for work in radio and television. Second, the students aware of the importance of voice as a tool. One purpose for which those responsible for the course will offer voice hygiene advice and solutions to problems related to voice. Finally, the course aims to demonstrate that the voice is teachable, flexible and requires adaptation to different professional fields.

Modules on hygiene and care of the voice

The course is divided into ten sessions (some other group and individual) where participating students can delve into various aspects of speech and voice. In particular and as noted in the same program will develop the following contents:

¤Basic theoretical aspects of the mechanism of phonation. ¤Vocal hygiene advice. ¤Initial evaluation. ¤Diction. ¤The expressiveness. ¤Resonance. ¤Breathing. ¤Vocalization. ¤Modulation of sound. ¤Main problems and emergency solutions (related to the use of voice). ¤Projection. ¤Relaxation and toning the muscles that produce speech.

Ongoing development of the voice

The course will run from 15 February to 15 April 2012. Given the nature of the content will be offered, it is a training classroom to be held in the School of Communication at the University of Seville. As stated in the course schedule, classes will participate in the field of professional communication and health. Specifically, will take part: Czech Antonio Godoy and Celia Diaz Rodriguez, both professors of the Faculty of Communication of the capital city. Pablo Munoz Carinanos, health professional who develops his work in the Clinic Our Lady of Aranzazu. Rincon Antonio Cano, a member of the group ” Bla bla bla theater . “Emma Rodero Anton, an expert in “Spoken Word” from the University Pompeu Fabra , Barcelona. The latter will provide a keynote address at the end of the course.

Registrations from Nov. 1

Those wishing to participate in this course can formalize their request 1 to November 20. The same price is 112 euros. All planned work sessions will last three hours. Total: 30 hours. Not specify whether their development will be in morning or evening hours. Those who want comprehensive information on the course can write the following email address:

Lifelong Learning Centre at the University of Seville

The University of Seville created, in 2007, the Lifelong Learning Centre in order to meet the training needs that society demands. A strategy that those responsible wanted to make the University a “benchmark for quality training of recognized”, according to his presentation. The Lifelong Learning Centre is created, then, to boost own teaching and lifelong learning at the University of Seville. Hence, this service center services in three areas of training: newly qualified students wishing to train in new skills, techniques or skills that facilitate their access to employment professionals who wish to specialize and recycle their knowledge and training to companies that demand extent.

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