Toshiba Satellite M645-S4115 Review

Toshiba Satellite M645-S4115 is a 14 inch notebook that can be classified as a mid range notebook with its core i5-480M processor. The notebook comes with 4 GB of RAM and 640 GB of hard disk. Its other notable feature includes the support for the HDMI output that can be used to display the contents on an LCD TV with HDMI input.

As part of the Toshiba Satellite M645-S4115 Review we are presenting a concise specifcation, pulled directly from the Toshiba’s website. This will help you make a quick analysis for the suitability of this notebook for your application. So here it goes – Intel core i5-480M, dual core processor,2.66 GHz 3 MB L3 Cache, Turbo boost 2.9 GHz – 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 640 GB Hard Disk – 14 inch screen at 1366 x 768 resolution – HDMI output – 2 USB 2.0 port and a USB / eSATA combo port – Integrated Webcam – Wired and Wireless networking – DVD Drive

As you can see from the list of the features, the Toshiba Satellite M645-S4115 has everything that you need in an entry level to moderate power computing. The Intel’s core i5-480M is decently powered with is 2.66 GHz clock frequency. The turbo boost is especially useful as it increases the core frequency on demand for a short period of time. This is exactly matches the real life computing requirements.

The Toshiba Satellite M645-S4115 is however, slightly pricey at a $774 according to the MSRP suggested by Toshiba. You may also like to look for the latest Sandy Bridge based notebooks. At about $200 or so you really get a performance notebook that will last for many years to come.

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