Three Perfect Tips That Will Keep You on Top

Business is something we do to keep ourselves going in live. Business connects us to people that pay us for what we do for them, and ultimately, only people that are deserving get the best business deals in life. But the downside of the story is that a lot of people are well-deserving, but few get the best business deals – not because the few are even better deserving than the rest but because the rest have failed to prove that they are.

When you bid for a business deal, and you lose the bid eventually, rather than seeing yourself as someone who does not deserve the deal, I want you to consider it as you’ve not proven that you do.

To always remain on top of every bid or business you propose for, you have to prove yourself to the prospect offering the job. This post will share with you ways to do so.

Bid with Confidence

Whenever a business deal or job offer is being advertized publicly or in the open, people usually bid for it. The process of bidding might often be done openly also or, in rare occasions, between just two parties, the prospect and the bidder.

Either way, you want to prove to the prospect that the business is safer if it is handed over to you. And there’s no other way to do this than to bid with much confidence that the prospect sees it through your bidding approach.

However, when bidding for a deal, don’t bid with so much confidence that will allow the prospect to have unrealistic expectations of you, as this always leaves the prospect with grudges.

Show Your Value

When a prospect fails to believe in you and other bidders, which will always show in the way the prospect responds to your conversations, it is very important for you to show your value. Most people will hire you only after they’re convinced that you’re worth what they’re paying you.

Whether or not the prospect is ready to believe in you, you want to know how you can show your true value when bidding for business deals.

To show your worth to your prospects, you can mention names of reputable companies and bodies you’ve done the same service for in the past and what profit you brought them or how much cost you saved them. You can also use testimonials your previous and present clients have made to show your prospects how much you’re worth.

Show them How

Finally on the list is to show your prospects “how”. It’s granted, there’re certain things you know better than your prospects. To help strengthen their confidence in you, you might want to show them how to go through a few things they may be having problems with at the moment, or better still something everyone in their industry is having problem with. The moment you help them through some difficulties, whether previously known to them or not, they feel indebted to you and will want to repay your kindness by awarding you the contract.


The tips in this article show you how to prove to your prospects that you’re the one they should hire for a project. You should also make sure you’re not bidding for a project beyond your capacity as doing so might put you and your client in locked horns and ruin your business reputation.

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