Hulu: Online Start-Up Entertainment Business Works to Outdo Competition

Hulu is a start-up in the entertainment media industry, looking for rapid success and acceptance by online television watchers. It is a current trend with a constant increase in demand to watch television on personal computers. It is a more satisfying way for a consumer to watch their “shows” without having to worry about commercials or being sure they are home when the show actually airs. Hulu’s concept allows any viewer to watch any of the multitudes of shows, series, and movies from their library that has the ability to “be able to start, stop, rewind and fast forward at will”. (White 1) Hulu is also “a network where commercial breaks eat up no more than 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes” (White 1).
Hulu biggest draw for online viewers is that they service is offered to anyone for free and there is also no software to download. Considering the quality of Hulu’s entertainment is of “legal, studio quality (White 1). The website is also extremely easy to navigate, which can be even more appealing for a new user, not only an experienced Hulu user. There are also many features that Hulu presents, which other online TV viewing sites do not offer. When using Hulu the east of sharing videos is extremely easy. “With a simple click, you can email it to a friend. Or you can clip the video by moving your cursor or even embed it in your social networking site on Myspace or You Tube” (White 1). There are also the options to darken the browser while watching a clip. No other online sites offer these such options. Therefore it is a great niche to have within the entertainment media market.
There are some limitations to the offerings of shows and movies on the website. ABC and CBS have yet to join the Hulu phenomenon; however NBC has fully supported the development of the website. There are only limited episodes of some shows therefore the searches can be frustrating for some. Hulu however is actively working towards increasing their library for all viewers and plan to eventually strike deals with other corporate networks and even sports associations.
Hulu is important to the lifestyle of American’s today because people want to have the ease of watching certain shows whenever they can. Hulu gives viewer’s access to shows that are no longer on the network sites anymore either. For example, shows like “Married with Children and Lost in Space” (White 2) are available on Hulu and not on their originating network sites. “Broadband users watching full shows online weekly doubled for 8 percent to 16 percent in 2007, according to market-research firm Horowitz Associates” (White 2). This is a fine example of how important online access to television shows, mini series and movies is now and will be in the future. It is also beneficial because viewers can go to one website to watch a majority if not all of their preferred shows. Before Hulu, everyone would have to go from website to website to watch all the different shows.
In essence Hulu is the newest craze as Napster was at one time. However Hulu has been approved by networks to reproduce videos, shows, and series so the constant worry of stealing material is null. One great security option for Hulu is that if anyone wants to watch content that is rated mature, the viewers must sign in and register. Granted kids and teenagers now a days are smart enough to lie about their age, but it is at least one roadblock they may be too lazy to cross.
Hulu is a great option also for people who do not want to pay their cable company for service every month when they are never home. Cable can cost an outrageous amount of money each month for people, and in today’s society everyone is constantly running around with limited time to watch TV. Hulu is an alternative for those who don’t want to waste the money every month paying for a service they may only use a few times a month. Now these people can access the shows they wanted to see the next day after it airs.
Entertainment media is an industry that is constantly growing with no signs of stopping anytime soon. It is a great opportunity for any web developers interested in starting a site devoted to entertainment. As a viewer, Hulu is a great addition to the online web casts offered to watch TV shows, movies and mini series. Hulu is the website of the future.
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