If you like watching YouTube videos, you may already have subscribed to lots of channels. However, have you ever wished you had a better way to customize your disordered registry?

It is better if you can customize the videos of subscribed YouTube channels, so that they only show the latest videos or videos that you cannot watch because of your busy schedule. Google has come up with a way for you to filter videos from YouTube channels registered on iPhone and iPad. Let’s find out through the following article!

Filter videos registered on YouTube for iPhone and iPad

The YouTube app for iOS has recently updated a new Topics feature. With a variety of filtering options, it allows users to tweak subscription feed that can be registered according to specific interests. In addition, this feature provides a way to make the data resource display only videos or both videos and community posts.

  •  Make sure that the device is running the latest version of the YouTube app (open App Store> Profile> find YouTube and update it as usual). After you’ve updated the app, launch it and click on the Subscriptions tab at the bottom.
  • Click the Subscriptions tab
  • Now, you can see many filters in the top row of the subcribed channels


  • All: Selected by default and shows all videos from the subscribed channels.
  • Today: Shows all videos published in the last 24 hours.
  • Continue Watching: Display videos you have not yet finished watching.
  • Unwatched: List all the videos you have watched.
  • Live: Display live video and YouTube Premieres.
  • Posts: Sort the community posts from the subscribed channels.


Choose the preferred option and YouTube will list videos based on the way you have filtered your subscriptions.

If you want to get back to the order of displaying the old videos, tap the Subscriptions tab and select the All option.

How to make YouTube display both videos and posts or just videos

  1. Launch the YouTube app on the device, then press the Subscriptions tab.

Launch the YouTube app

  1. Now, swipe from right to left on the carousel (the horizontal bar that contains filtering options) to display the Settings option and click on it.

Display Settings option

Next, you have 2 options:

You have 2 options: Videos and posts and Videos only

  • Videos and posts: Display both videos and community posts in the subscription feed. It is marked by default.
  • Videos only: Make the feed display only videos.

Choose the option you want.

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