Chinese scientists reveal plans for a space waste laser station

There have been a few suggestions for getting rid of space junk, such as collecting trash, crushing it, or bombarding it from Earth. However, this new idea is arguably the most impressive and effective.

Chinese researchers have successfully simulated an orbital laser station that can pick up small debris (less than 4 inches long). The system also approaches and destroys space waste 20 times faster than the speed of light per second in 2 minutes, either deflects it out of danger orbit or keeps it moving to an extreme point. Hot period in the atmosphere to destroy.

The team has determined that this station will be feasible. However, this is not just a simple problem, just building them is done – there are many questions to be answered. How many stations do you need like this, and where to put them? Who built them? And if China built them, how to assure other countries that this Station is a Space Station and not a weapon? This means that a significant plan and international cooperation is required before it can become a simulation project.

However, there are many motivations for making this project a reality. Space debris is becoming a serious problem, so that ISS International Space Station members must always be wary of even leaving the station immediately if they are in danger.


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