How to change DNS on iPhone, Android phones

Domain Name System is abbreviated as DNS; this is the domain name resolution system. DNS is now applied to access blocked websites like Facebook. There are many DNS users to change, such as DNS VNPT, DNS OpenDNS …

One of the most popular DNS is Google DNS, which is a DNS that will help users access faster and more stable. We have had to change DNS on computers, and below is how to change DNS on iPhone and Android.

How to change DNS on iPhone

Step 1: First go into the Wifi menu, click on the advanced icon (the letter i) of the Wifi you are connected. Next, scroll down and select Configure DNS.

Step 2: In the menu Configure DNS, select the Manual section, below, click Add Server. Next, fill in,, and click Save.

Change DNS on Android

Step 1: Go into your Wifi menu, select the gear icon advanced at the connected Wifi, and select the edit icon (pen shape) in the upper right corner.

Step 2: In the Wifi password menu, select Advanced options, an advanced menu appears, choose IP settings> Static.

In the static IP settings menu, enter the IP address, network prefix length, and DNS number as shown in the figure below with at DNS 1 and at DNS 2, then click Save.

Besides Google DNS service, you can try DNS of, Singapore, and some other DNS services. Refer to the article List of good, fastest DNS of Google,, Singapore.

Use VPN app

Another way you can access blocked websites is by using a VPN app. How to use VPN to access the blocked sites is very simple; you can follow the instructions in the video below.